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Chalk Bluff Church
Chalk Bluff Church
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Chalk Bluff Church

About Chalk Bluff Baptist Church

Chalk Bluff Baptist Church was founded in 1870 as White Rock Baptist Church a few miles away from its current location. The name changed along with a new building that was begun at its current location in September 1908. With a significant history of continuous ministry to its community and the world, CBBC moves forward with a commitment to serving Jesus Christ and the world he so loved.

You will find CBBC to be a loving and exciting family of believers. We value the Scriptures as living instruction and seek to grow continually deeper in our vital relationship with God. We believe there are five purposes for believers and their churches which promote spiritual health and we seek to promote them in all our activities. They are:
1. Discipleship
2. Worship
3. Fellowship
4. Ministry
5. Evangelism

We cooperate with and support missions through The Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Here for You.
254 799-1594
5993 Gholson Road
Waco, Texas 76705

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